Explosion protection new defined:

Control unit type


The core of the exCONTROL:

SIL2 (confirmed by Eurofins)

Control module



exCONTROL with Panel-PC

analysis and visualization

Real-time configuration,


new designed and certified

(GEX 20 ATEX 1017X Issue 01)


Explosion protection with


new designed and certified

(BVS 20 ATEX H 013 X Revision 1)

Hot water

Explosion protection with


Quick sliding valve

(GEX 20 ATEX 1017X Issue 01)

Explosion protection with



Explosion protection by

Atex EasyVent vent panels

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ATEX CO detection prevents worst case scenario

Atex CO Detection switches off the drying tower at an early stage and thus prevents the development of a large-area spray dryer fire.

A successful remotely assisted maintenance…

We are very happy to receive such positive feedback from our customers in Pakistan. The remote assistance was provided by our service engineers to perform required safety checks on our CO detection system.

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Special Services For Remote Assistance

ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH has started offering a remote assistance solution through which we will be able to help our customers worldwide. Through this remote assistance service, we will be able to virtually see the on-site problems via customers input in real time. Then instructions will be given accordingly to solve the problem. ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH is completely prepared for such unusual circumstances the whole world is going through right now. There are worldwide travel restrictions, we might not be able to travel freely for many months to come but you can defiantly count on our remote assistance service if anything goes wrong.

ATEX Explosion-

We were the first and most successful provider of early fire-detection systems. Tried and tested for decades, our early fire-detection systems have been successfully installed and supported in all areas of industry.


ATEX Explosion-

Pressure-venting equipment limits explosive pressure by venting excess pressure and the flame front in a targeted and precisely defined manner.
It is often described as the simplest form of explosion protection. A venting panel involves low investment costs and simple handling.


ATEX Explosion-

Explosion suppression is not only gaining in importance because of its reliability, it also guarantees the availability of facilities, even after an explosion.

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ATEX Explosion

In the development of holistic explosion protection concepts the consideration of explosion decoupling is indispensable.

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Explosion protection safeguards investments and helps save money. After all, it’s a lot more expensive to rebuild …

Customers who come to us are looking for solutions. Some are sent to us by their insurance company, and others may have suffered a damage event. Whatever their reasons for seeking us out, they want to make sure that their investments in people and machinery will be safe in future. We offer this safety – on many levels

Tailor-made yet flexible – solutions from ATEX

We can develop tailor-made solutions for all situations, requirements and needs by working with our customers and exploiting the benefits of our experience in industrial explosion protection spanning more than twenty years. That’s how we help protect your investments!